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Mission and values

Statement of Purpose

The school community has developed a vision statement and statement of purpose for Merrimac State School. It was felt that our children are our future.  As such, the emphasis at Merrimac should be on:
'Educating our Future'

Preparing students for the future

It is the aim of our school to develop students to possess the necessary characteristics and skills in order to become successful and active members of the wider community.

Our aim is to prepare students to be:
  • life long learners
  • lateral thinkers
  • effective communicators
  • environmentally conscious citizens
  • competent users of literacy, numeracy and technology
  • culturally sensitive community members
  • individual and cooperative workers
  • confident and motivated
  • honest and courteous
  • respectful and caring
  • positive role models
  • potential leaders.

The attainment of such important outcomes underpins the curriculum programs, the learning and teaching and everyday practices of Merrimac State School. 

Vision statement

Merrimac State School's vision is to engage our students in life long learning through:

  • developing self esteem in a supportive and caring environment
  • an emphasis on each child's learning needs and interests the effective implementation of a quality curriculum
  • the effective integration of learning technology
  • a range of cultural, sporting and social activities
  • a respect and appreciation of our natural surroundings
  • the development of a range of resources and facilities to support quality student achievements
  • active participation by students, staff, parents and community members.

Values and beliefs

 Our vision will be realised through a commitment to:

  • fostering a sense of school pride
  • providing positive and supportive role models
  • creating an attractive, safe and supportive learning environment
  • catering for the individual needs of all students
  • improving the quality of curriculum programs
  • implementing quality curriculum programs
  • integrating learning technology across the curriculum
  • empowering staff and students
  • valuing the ideas, opinions and efforts of all staff, students and community.​